Who Am I?

My name is Radovan Behýl, known as “N3ttX”. I am 21 years old student from Slovakia, currently studying EE in Prague, CZ.
My hobbies are electronics, software developing, fiddling around with computers and servers.

What Can I Do?

Electronics skills

I was working for 3 years for ATG Prague, a company that makes NDT machines for Lufthansa, České Dráhy, Rolls Royce and more. I develop electronic modules (from design to soldering, testing and installing) for machines.
Also, I worked as a electrician in SG Geotechnika, the largest geodetic company in Czech Republic. My main job there was to fix machines.
Currently, I am working as a live broadcast technician in major Czech TV broadcaster.

Programming skills

I actively program in python for about 3 years now. I tried to build some ML projects, but mostly I use python to build scripts that help me with different stuff (such as JSON db generator, Discord bots, SQL managers and such).
Obviously, I do web development. I learned HTML and CSS when I was 8, and to this day I actively learn and make new sites. I’m learning JS (NodeJS) and it’s many frameworks (such as React, Express, Sockets and many more (MERN stack is the most recent learning project)).
Also, I’m actively programming in C/C++, especially embedded systems such as Arduino, RaspberryPi and such.


Since I began to fiddle with computers and servers on lower level, I found interest in networking. I’ve attended and succesfully completed CISCO Online Course. I own around 15 servers I have multipurpose server running different services from webpages, game servers (Minecraft, Terraria, CoD) to NASes and DHCP/DNS servers. I can configure and setup basically any server within few minutes thanks to some helper scripts and basic knowledge of orchestration tools such as Ansible and Docker Compose.

YouTube channel

In my free time, I like to share my learning process with people around the world. That’s why I created YouTube channel, where I create videos about different topics around EE/IT. My most popular series is called “Arduino pre Začiatočníkov”, which translates to “Arduino for Beginners”. I try to take a different approach on teaching this topic, as I try to explain the problem hardware- and software-vise with examples and analogies.
I also create funny videos from Linux environment.

My work

You can find many of my work on my GitHub. If you want to see deployed projects, try to browse this webpage a bit more, or visit these pages:

  • nettx.netlify.com


Many of project I do end up in “WIP/postponed” phase, and I don’t bother uploading them to Git. I will eventually create local code vault where you can browse all of my unfinished projects. I’ll mark some of them as “free to use”, so you can take the code and complete it, use it, modify or whatever. This project is also in WIP phase (ironically), but soon will be released.